I am what I social network

Matching the social network to the content is an ongoing discussion which changes with each change in social media, but less frequent is matching the person to the social network. On her WashingtonPost.com blog, Alexandra Petri tackled the question of “Which social network are you?”While Petri writes in an upbeat, cheerful way about identifying the social network best matched to each user’s personality the question is significant. In an earlier blog post I wrote that there are more than fifteen public social networks plus Google+ and dozens of smaller ones so matching each one to a personality type for who is the “ideal user” is not realistic, but the larger ones each has its own personality to be explored.

Myspace: A visual mess abandoned by many users years ago in favor of other social networks but still has some users. It is hard to say what characterizes the network at present since it is going to undergo a retooling after being sold.

Facebook: Petri right, there is a lot of blue on Facebook, but the site is also characterized by a lot of sharing, but also oversharing, in 2010 Mark Zuckerberg said “People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people. That social norm is just something that has evolved over time.” More than any other social network, Facebook is characterized by detailed personal information including photos and videos making it best suited for people who think they lead interesting lives and who want to share that with a large group of friends.

Twitter: The social network for those who love to talk Twitter is 140 character shouts from which a user can link anywhere else on the web.

Linkedin: Strictly business, a network for connecting professionally and posting professional information.

Google+: Still a baby taking its first steps, but is sharing model puts selective sharing first. The platform combines parts of Facebook where users can share with each other and Twitter where users can post random thoughts publicly but keep images on the Google+ platform.

In answering the question, users must decide if they are open or selective in sharing (Twitter or Google+) and if they are presenting a more professional or personal persona (Linkedin or Facebook). I am Linkedin, I put forward a professional persona and my personal life is personal and not the business of the entire internet.

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