About Me

I am a recent graduate of The George Washington University with a double major in Journalism & Mass Communication and History, two areas in which I have always held a strong interest. Currently I am working towards an M.A. in Communication, Culture and Technology at Georgetown University and producing online video for TheHill.com.

I am originally from Dobbs Ferry, in Westchester County New York, about 20 miles north of New York City. It was here that I developed my dual interest in television and politics. As a high school sophomore I merged these two passions into a roundtable television political debate show for our local Education Access Channel.

While in middle school and high school I attended nearly 200 public meetings in our village.  I was a member of the studio crew which taped the school district’s Board of Education meetings for broadcast. During High School, I served as the Village Video Intern and shot Village Board Meetings. I eventually moved to the final branch of PEG programming when I interned at GATV (Greenburgh Access Television) the summer before my senior year.

As a student at The George Washington University I have had many additional opportunities to work in media, and to study history. Here I discovered an interest in new media and the Internet as well as long format traditional documentary and would love for a means of blending the two. As an intern at Third Floor Productions in Washington D.C. I learned a lot about the internet, but more about internet users and how communities form and build around individuals and content on the web.  I have taken classes in online journalism, documentary production, broadcast production, and general reporting. These classes reflect some of my interests and provide a means to hone skills in a variety of specialties. The summer before my senior year at GW I began interning at The Hill newspaper producing online video, since graduating I am still at The Hill producing online video as an independent contractor.