A cautious approach

Reporters use social media for personal and professional reasons and news organizations responded to that situation by crafting policies for staff addressing the use of social tools online.  The BBC’s guidelines represent a cautious approach to employee use of social media. Read the rest of A cautious approach »

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Digitally present

There are more than a dozen major social networks available to an internet user today but Facebook is the undisputed leader with approximately 750 million users out of a global population of more than six billion people. These numbers show that the majority of the world lacks a Facebook presence and for those in the United States some consider an digital presence crucial to 21st century living. Read the rest of Digitally present »

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Facebook beware

News Corp took a multimillion dollar loss selling Myspace last week after accepting only 35 million dollars for the social network they bought only a few years earlier. The network’s sudden death serves as a cautionary tale to other social networks looking to maintain dominance in an over-saturated market. Read the rest of Facebook beware »

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Unsocial media

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Buzz, and the dozens of other small and large social media sites all share certain basic elements. All social media sites have users, those users upload some information that is shared with other users with whom they formed “connections.” These users engage with the site on computers and mobile devices; but interacting with a social network is a solitary activity, each user logs into his or her own account, post their own updates in the hope that someone is listening and will respond in a manner appropriate for that site. Inherent in their nature, social media is unsocial media, connections without connecting. Read the rest of Unsocial media »

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Low tech solution

The low-tech solution is sometimes the best solution. Email can be great, but it cannot send physical objects so real mail transported over ground connects us to the farthest corners of the globe, and when you need to make sure that a document arrives the postal system will hand deliver it and send you a confirmation that the recipient signed for the package. There is nothing wrong with the latest and greatest until it does not come through for the user. Read the rest of Low tech solution »

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141 Characters

Tweets are one of the most constrained messaging forms available today. Restricting messages to 140 characters, Twitter forces users to keep their messages short, too short for a meaningful transmission of information. Read the rest of 141 Characters »

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Keeping it legal

Social mediums create enormous opportunities for news producers and consumers, they connect the two and provide means for greater depth and breadth of coverage but news organizations and their employees must be wary of the potential legal implications stemming from activities considered normal on social media sites. Read the rest of Keeping it legal »

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HashtagIn the forefront of every twitter user’s mind is the hashtag, the single character which can mean the difference between twitter obscurity and an influx of followers leading to internet stardom. Read the rest of #huh »

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‘Blogging, tweeting and reporting’

New York Times reporter Miguel Helft tweeted Monday morning that he will be “blogging, tweeting and reporting” Steve Jobs’s keynote address at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference1. Read the rest of ‘Blogging, tweeting and reporting’ »

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Social video

Social media goes beyond Facebook and Twitter, a recent Mashable infographic listed a total of twelve social networks including Facebook and Twitter and another infographic adds three more for a total of fifteen social social networks1 2.

YouTube Logo

Source: Youtube.com

These fifteen networks all connect people based on interests, hobbies, or other commonalities. Omitted from both lists is YouTube, a site where users can post and share videos and populate profiles with personal information. Those users can then comment on other members’ posts and subscribe to updates. Robert G. Picard defined social media as  “The ability to create relationship with and among users is among the widely touted benefits of social media tools3.” Using this definition, YouTube is a social media site and it just got more social. Read the rest of Social video »